What Types of Circuit Breakers Are Used in Industrial Applications

Electricity is used in a wide range of sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Today, a majority of manufacturing plants depend on electric power as a utility for fabrication and production purposes. As a result of the complexity and interconnectivity of the systems used in such settings, even a few seconds of time offline can lead to monetary and material loss. 

It is important to note that machines that hold sensitive equipment are always susceptible to voltage surges, circuit faults, and other issues. To ensure that they remain in optimal condition, a safety mechanism is critical. As such, circuit breakers assuage the unpredictability surrounding smooth power system operation. 

Circuit breakers serve as fail-safe components of electrical networks, capable of automatic operation that protects the system from overload or electric faults. First, it detects any faulty condition in a system, and then it operates and interrupts the underlying current. Doing this isolates the system, providing on-site engineers the opportunity to perform a diagnostic report. 

Due to their effectiveness, quick operation, and reusability, circuit breakers have made their way into residential and industrial settings. Unlike a fuse that burns out, a circuit breaker can be utilized repeatedly. The type of circuit breaker used in such environments is becoming increasingly available because of the irreversible losses linked to any given fault in a high-voltage setting. 

Different Types of Circuit Breakers For Industrial Applications

There are various types of industrial circuit breakers that are incorporated in an industry’s power system network, those of which we will cover in the next section. 

Low Voltage Industrial Circuit Breakers: have a capacity similar to many high-end domestic circuit breakers and are ideal for low-level loads.

Magnetic Industrial Circuit Breakers: take advantage of an electromagnet to open or close a circuit. As the current increases, the electromagnet becomes stronger. As soon as it reaches a rated level, a “latch” closes, opening the circuit. 

Thermal Magnetic Industrial Circuit Breakers: are found in most industrial distribution boards to issue quick blockades to large surges in current, short circuits, or long-term overcurrent conditions. All of these conditions are sensed by a bimetallic strip. 

Medium Voltage Industrial Circuit Breakers: can handle voltages between 1 and 72kV, and they are made into metal-enclosed switchgear lineups that are typically installed in outdoor substations. 

High Voltage Industrial Circuit Breakers: are designed for applications that necessitate more than 72.5kV, such as industries that utilize high-end motors for their processes. Moreover, they are used in power transmission circuits, usually adhering to principles of electromagnetism for their operation. When high voltage connections are broken, these circuit breakers are responsible for terminating the arc that is generated. 

Industrial SF6 High Voltage Circuit Breakers: are popular choices for extinguishing high voltages arcs in an array of industrial settings, and they use SF6 gas to open a particular circuit. 


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