What Are The Applications of Vibration Sensors?

Vibration sensors are fairly straightforward in their use, serving as sensors that can detect vibration within a system. Vibration monitoring is important for a number of applications, as the force of vibration may lead to undesirable noise, losses in performance, lower service lives, and more. As a result, it can be very beneficial to have a quality vibration sensor if your system or application calls for such management for the means of health and efficiency. In this blog, we will discuss some of the main industrial applications that vibration sensors serve, allowing you to see how such technology benefits a wide variety of needs.

Whether an HVAC system is present within a residential space, business, or industrial facility, vibration sensors can be very useful to ensure that all systems and components are working as intended. Many vibration sensors for HVAC systems have remote-capability, meaning that measurements can be collected and analyzed on various smart devices while remaining a safe distance away from any hazardous situations. Generally, vibration issues within HVAC systems may lead to a loss of airflow and cooling capability, making it useful to have readings on potential issues.

Food and beverage manufacturing is another application that highly benefits from vibration sensors, as vibration may cause issues in system operations that can result in operational downtime. Any downtime can greatly affect the production line of a company, making it essential that any issue is quickly detected and addressed before conditions become worse. As such, vibration sensors provide facilities with real-time and historical data for proper analyzation, and sensors may be placed in gearboxes, chillers, rollers, and other such components.

Another application that suffers from operational downtime is water distribution and wastewater plants. While downtime can lead to undesirable financial costs, customer access to water and the quality of water supplied can both be negatively affected. As a result, vibration sensors are widely used throughout such plants or assets so that water plant facilities can ensure that any issue is deterred and that downtime is always minimized as much as possible.

Within oil and gas industries, equipment will often be subject to the forces of intense weather, dust, sand, and other various forces that can detract from the health of systems. While oil and gas equipment will need to regularly be inspected to ensure health, their typical situation in remote locations can make it more difficult to constantly go out and visually check things in person. With components such as vibration sensors, some data collection can be performed completely remote to save time.

The final major application where vibration sensors and sensor accessories are prevalent is within the automotive industry. Sensors are often used during the manufacturing stage, allowing for scaling condition monitoring programs to be established and upheld. Vibration sensors are generally easy to install for such needs, and they can be placed throughout a plant or across multiple locations.

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